English Videotrainings


Please note:

All videos have English subtitles.
They were recorded in the German Photoshop version, the spoken language (audio) is German.

Cause of tax issues, it’s currently only possible to buy from EU countries, Norway and Canada.
If you come from another country, you can send me a request as well and I will check the regulations there. I’m already working on a solution.

Workflow Videos

(German videos with English subtitles)

What are "Workflow Videos"?

In a „Workflow Video“, I show my complete image processing from start to finish for a specific photo.
I will explain every single processing step to you. You can also see the correlation of the different tools that I use during image editing.


(German videos with English subtitles)

What are "Videotrainings"?

In a „Videotraining“ we deal extensively with a very specific topic.
You can expect several image examples for each topic, since different „conditions“ also have different demands on image processing.